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Addition of Nov 2013 Meeting Minutes.


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Addition of 2013 Meeting Minutes.


Vetter Park Access Flyer Notice


Addition of 2012 Meeting Minutes. Change of Board Member Information. Move all 2010 and earlier Meeting Minutes to Archive Page.


Addition of 2012 Budget, Assesment Documents, Late 2011 Meeting Minutes, Notification of 8th Annual HOA Meeting.

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North Broadmoor Board of Directors Response to Speeders in our Subdivision
After several emails from concerned neighbors regarding speeders in our Sub, the NBHOA has been working closely with the W.L. Police and the Oakland County Road Commission. Due to the roadway layout, our subdivision sees more than just North Broadmoor homeowner traffic. On any given day motorists travel on our streets to access adjacent subdivisions or as a short cut to connect to Williams Lake Road. Since our roads are considered public, i.e. maintained by the county, "speed calming devices" (speed bumps) require pre-approval from the OCRC. Several proposals have been submitted to the county and we are awaiting results of a traffic study that was completed in the last week of June. In the interim, the White Lake Police Department has stepped up patrols within North Broadmoor and we have been informed speeding tickets have been issued recently. We will keep you posted on the results of the traffic study.


NBHOA Maintenance Issues There are three important maintenance "areas of concern" we have been made aware of that affect our homes. First, we suggest you have your furnace both cleaned and inspected prior to the next heating season as there has been an instance of an original "builder grade furnace" installed by Nosan that had a defective heat exchanger. This could cause carbon monoxide to be released into your home. The heat exchanger should still be under warranty and could be replaced for under $400. Or, you could choose to upgrade to a more efficient furnace at this time. Secondly, chimney caps on our homes have begun to rust. At least one resident has reported water damage as a result of a defective chimney cap. Several types of more durable water-proof caps can be installed. You might want to have your chimney cap inspected now as a replacement could avoid more costly repairs later. Thirdly, we wanted to share with you concern for Radon Gas testing in your homes. For those unfamiliar with Radon, it is a radioactive gas which is the result of the natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rocks and water. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has determined "minimum safety levels" that we should strive to keep our homes levels at or below. Several homeowners have had to implement a "mitigation system" in order to reduce higher than average levels of radon in their homes. Please look into this for the safety of your families and peace of mind. There are numerous sources of information available and professional companies to handle this situation. You might want to start gathering information at the EPA website:www.EPA.Gov/Radon/Pubs/Citguide.html


Please be sure to check out the Newsletters for important information such as important phone numbers:
  • White Lake Township Offices - 248-698-3300
  • White Lake Police Department (non emrgency) - 248-698-4400
  • White Lake Fire Department - 248-698-3335
  • White Lake Library - 248-698-2360
  • Huron Valley Sinai Hospital - 248-698-3300
  • Walled Lake Consolidated Schools - 248-956-2000